Thai yoga massage during pregnancy


Just like yoga, Thai yoga massage is appropriate for everyone regardless of age, level of fitness, flexibility or lifestyle. Surprisingly, it can even be enjoyed during pregnancy. As with yoga, after the first 14 weeks it can be safely experienced. The massage begins with the recipient in a recovery like position, lying on one side of the body with the aid of cushions and pillows if required and if appropriate to the individual, she may be seated. Acupressure is used on the energy lines and gentle yoga like stretches are given.

Thai massage works on moving energy through the body so can leave you feeling quite energised or even quite tired but in a very relaxed way. If you're having trouble sleeping during your pregnancy this treatment really does help your body and mind to let go and switch off. and before the baby arrives allow yourself some 'me' time! Whilst at the same time easing  your achey back, shoulders, feet and legs, it really is a wonderful way to experience this ancient healing therapy and gives the body the well deserved rest it needs. So that your body can really appreciate the treatment Chantal will come to you and give you a massage in the comfort our your own home. You won't have to do anything but relax!

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