Some of our graduates


If you're looking for a well trained and experienced Thai massage therapist in your area take a look through this list of some of our  graduates and hopefully you'll find someone close to you. It's just a handful of our graduates so if there's no-one on this list that's close to you drop us an email.

Angie Cottrell (Cheltenham), 07745 018919

Suzi Mackenzie(Cheltenham):, 07771 590332

Tabitha Cohen (Cheshire):,  07754 434350 

Lucy Tipper (Southampton):,

Lizzie Longhurst (Bath):, 07880 730867

Louise Tuczemskyi (Doncaster):

Sam Williams:

Sally Raffell (Hampshire): ,, 07983 240605

Claire Hatchel (Birmingham):

Steph Holden (Bristol): 

Kerry Morgan (Cardiff):